About Leah


I am a Straight Blast Gym jiu jitsu blackbelt under Matt Thornton and Travis Davison.  I am currently a full time fitness and jiu jitsu coach at SBG Montana in Kalispell.  I was the 2016 bronze medalist in my weight class at Worlds and the Pan Ams silver medalist in my weight category.

I was inspired to begin traditional martial arts by my mother as a senior in high school.  I went on to receive a black belt in karate.  As I traveled and moved from place to place, I continued to search for an authentic and functional form of martial arts.  I tried many different styles at many different schools in the course of this journey.  Eventually I found jiu jitsu and SBG.  The philosophy was a perfect match for my science background.  New and old techniques are tested with the same rigor.  I am now a full time jiu jitsu and strength and conditioning coach at Straight Blast Gym of Montana.  I hope to use my own experience to coach men and women of all ages to become the strongest version of themselves.